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About Civil Engineering



McKeon Engineering & Associates, Inc.

since 2007 providing ‘Big Company services with Small Company attention to clients’

‘a Christian-based Company’


Professional Civil Engineer & Land Development, Orlando, FL



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Please check back often as we are offering incentives and specials that will change with time.

CURRENT SPECIAL: Conceptual Site Plans for $50 per plan!


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A list of some of our Projects is here.




In business since 2007, we are Orlando's Finest and most Prestigious Civil Engineering and Land Development firm 


Welcome to our website!  If you are not a current client and are looking for an Orlando Professional Civil Engineer or an Orlando Land Development engineer, please read on.  If you are a current client, you may wish to peruse the recent local news or visit your personal area of this website (contact us if you have problems with your FTP or personal folders).


McKeon Engineering & Associates, Inc. is a full-service Professional Civil Engineering consulting firm located in Orlando, FL serving clients throughout Florida and offers a 'one-stop design/engineering/permitting' experience for the development and construction industry. We provide the best and finest Civil Engineering Land Development services. These services include turn key pre-construction services ranging from due diligence and scheduling through complete project design and permitting.


From the start, we examine the site to determine anything that might make the site undevelopable or that would increase costs to extreme.


Run by a Professional Engineer ( Tom McKeon ) with over 23 years experience, our low overhead and efficient methods mean cost savings to you.  McKeon Engineering & Associates, Inc. can assist you with virtually any type and size development venture including the broad categories below:


·        Single-family residential

·        Multi-family residential

·        Subdivisions, townhomes, condos ( condominiums )

·        Hospitality (Hotels, restaurants, etc.)

·        Professional Office

·        Medical office

·        Health care (Assisted Living, etc.)

·        Industrial

·        Retail

·        Entertainment

·        Mixed use or PUD ( Planned Urban Development )


At McKeon Engineering & Associates, Inc., we also coordinate the services of the surveyor, architect, environmental specialist and other professionals to enable a seamless permitting path. Timely submissions and responses will save you money.




In Florida news, click here for an interview with Thomas McKeon, P.E.




We wish to say thank you to Seminole State College for having Thomas McKeon as a guest speaker for their Construction Management class. The class is taught by Mark Woodlock who is a GC/attorney. As a thank you we are providing a link to his company.


Woodlock Law click here.


Our services include:

·        Site location research services

·        Due diligence

·        Feasibility Studies (pre purchase or construction feasibility study)

·        Conceptual Plans

·        Stormwater modeling using ICPR, Hydraflow and our own tools

·        Sanitary lift station calculations

·        Potable water calculations

·        Traffic patterns and traffic generation

·        Wetland mitigation

·        Environmental and endangered species

·        Final Plans

·        Permitting services

·        Construction Management

·        Project Management

·        Consultant Services

·        Land Surveying coordination



We can and have handled many different type developments like:

·        Residential Subdivisions

·        Planned Developments

·        Apartments & Condominium Complexes

·        Commercial Building Sites & Office Parks

·        Hotels, Motels & Convention Centers

·        Industrial Parks & Manufacturing Facilities

·        Marinas & Waterfronts

·        Medical Facilities & Hospitals

·        Dental offices

·        Mobile Home & RV Parks

·        Parking Lots & Entrance Roadways

·        Parks & Campgrounds

·        Professional Office Buildings

·        Restaurants

·        Shopping Centers

·        Tourist Attractions

·        Telecommunication Tower Sites

·        Intersection improvements

·        Multilane and median opening design


We have gathered (and continue to gather) one of the most extensive GIS data and detailed color aerial database from a multitude of sources including Orlando, FEMA, USGS, SJRWMD, SFWMD, NRCS, FDEP, FDOT, EPA, NWI and from Orange County/Seminole County/Brevard County/Osceola County and property appraisers and much more. We re-projected this data to a uniform UTM17 coordinate system that allows us to access a wealth of information about a particular site with just a click of a button.  This saves us time and you money. 


We have also stored this GIS information in Florida State Plane East coordinate system for those of you wishing to obtain this.  Please email us for information about purchasing GIS data in bulk.  


If you are looking for a site (parcel or parcels) to develop for a specific type use or you have other specific requirements for a particular site, we are uniquely suited to help you.  The following information will break down some of the specifics for location services.


The following is a breakdown of suitable site location research abilities and associated fees for specific intended uses in Orange, Brevard and Seminole Counties.  For other neighboring counties the fees are slightly higher.  If you are looking for property to develop in Florida, we highly recommend our services.  You will get a superior level of site research at a fraction of the time or cost normally associated with these services. Real estate agents may locate a site for you and they do serve a purpose (and we do have a Real Estate person on board), but they don't have the same perspective as a Professional Engineer, which allows us to see developability issues.


Engineering research fee is $2000 for any Florida property. 


Engineering finder fee of $2000 for properties valued at $500,000 or less, finders fee of $3,000 for properties valued at $500,000 to $1,000,000 and finders fee of $4,000 for properties valued at $1,000,000 to $5,000,000.  Properties over this value will be handled on a case by case basis. 


Retainer fee of $1,000 per month per property to be located (to be applied to the final amount at time of closing...i.e., the balance of fees would be due for finders fee at closing date or within one week of said closing).


Conceptual plan creation and due diligence is a flat fee of $2,000 for properties up to 10 acres in size without wetlands or excessive easements or encumbrances that would hinder the property’s development and $3,000 for properties from 10 - 20 acres in size without wetlands or excessive easements or encumbrances that would hinder the property’s development.  Larger properties will be handled on a case by case basis and fees will be tied to intended land use and complication of creating said plans.


Environmental surveys or reports, geotechnical explorations and reports and regular survey fees and traffic studies are not included and may increase risk if not obtained.  We can handle coordination of all the suggested surveys and studies without additional charge. 


Simple location survey using GPS (accurate to within 30 feet or less) and location of easy to access property corners can be done on a case by case basis by us but will not be signed or sealed by a PLS (Professional Land Surveyor).  Cost for these services are minimal and are detailed on our website if you desire.


Pulling an existing Plat (if available) is included however in the conceptual planning fee and is adequate for an initial conceptual plan.


Conceptual planning and location of suitable properties does include reporting of known wetlands (as per NWI), location of known eagles nests (as shown by state and federal agencies) and other endangered species as the data is available.  Also included is the identification of flood zones, soil types expected on site, expected range of groundwater elevations, existing ground contour elevations, USGS Quad sheet exhibit, high resolution color aerial of the site, Zoning map (with allowable uses), Existing Land Use map, Future Land Use map, jurisdiction map (including city/county/water management district), known conservation areas, drainage basins (including if the site is expected to have a positive outfall for stormwater drainage), and other available data in pdf, AutoCAD, jpeg ( jpg ), tif, xls, shp, doc, dbf or other formats as needed.




Project List


This list is not a complete list of our projects but is intended to let our clients and potential clients to get to know us better.


Orange County

•Narcoossee Commerce Center (includes Tuffy’s Mufflers and Real Estate for Kids)

•Edgewater Drive Professional Office

•Landstar Meadowoods (Tuffy’s Mufflers)

•New Song (Subdivision)

•Eagle Auto Sales (car sales lot)

•Maintenance of Traffic Plans (MOT) for road widening near UCF

•Muldoon’s Pub (zoning correction issues)

•Sand Lake Private Residences playground replacement

•Hope City feasibility and property location


Seminole County

•Plumosa Professional Office

•New Traditions Bank (site design for analysis)


Marion County

•Village Commerce Center (Tuffy’s and median opening)


Brevard County

•Nasa Blvd. Office


Osceola County

•Thacker Ave. Calvary Assembly Church (Building Addition)

•Lake Toho Resort (Wastewater Treatment Facility – Private for Lake Toho)


Polk County

•Haines City Commerce (Tuffy’s Mufflers and others)

•Industrial Business Park (Davenport south of Celebration City)


Broward County

•Flamingo Falls (Stormwater System Recertification)


Indian River County

•Sandridge on the Green (subdivision)

•Sebastian Landings (subdivision)




Viewing our map hopefully helps with your guidance. If you have any problems, please remember our phone number 407-928-7192.

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